Monday, November 8, 2010


Kelly: an owner of the hardware store. She supplies all the hardware that Manny needs.

Mr. Lopart: an owner of the candy store. He owns a cat named Fluffy. He usually does not like being helped by Manny; as a result, he ends up being in the trouble.

Dusty: a hand saw. She is a big sister figure of the tools.

Felipe: a screwdriver. He considers himself as a very important tool; he is always the first one to try to fix the broken things.

Flicker: a flashlight. He speaks Spanish and he is still learning English.

Pat: a hammer. He is a very chatty tool yet a clumsy tool as well.

Rusty: a monkey/pipe wrench. He is very timid; he usually asks Manny or other tools for approvals. 

Stretch: a tape measure. He has a good memory for numbers.

Squeeze: a pair or pliers. She loves lending helps to others, yet can be impatient sometimes.

Turner: a flathead screwdriver. He is sarcastic; he has a rivalry relationship with Felipe.

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