Monday, December 6, 2010

Actors lending voices in Handy Manny

Carlos Alazraqui
Based on professor Beltran's suggestion, I have researched the voice actors from Handy Manny on IMDb website.  Besides, Manny only three characters were played by Latina/o actors: Felipe, Abuelito, and Mrs. Portillo. As I have imagined, the voice of Felipe (the screwdriver) and abuelito was played by a Latino actor, Carlos Alazraqui. He was born in New York to Argentinian family in 1962 and  moved to Sacremento, CA. One of his most recent works is Ernesto/Todd in Scooby Doo- Mystery Incorporated television series. Going through his filmography,  he mostly played Latino roles. For example, he played Nestor in Happy Feet (2006).  In another Disney's show, Disney's House of Mouse, he played Panchito. Besides his voice works for Latino characters, he is often praised for his capability of using numerous accents. He is best known for his Scottish accent. He played a voice of Rocko, an Australian character in Rocko's Modern Life.

Shelly Morrison

 Shelly Morrison played the voice of Mrs. Portillo. At first, I didn't recognize her as a Latina due to her non-Latina like last name; yet, it turns out Shelly Morrison is her acting name. Her birth name is Rachel Mitrani. She was born in 1936 in New York. Spanish being her native language, Morrison mainly represented ethnic roles or Latina characters. Morrison's career seemed to be heavily limited, even more so than Alazraqui. For example, in Shark's Tale, she played Mrs. Sanchez. Her most recent work besides Handy Manny was My name is Earl as Maria in 2006.

Except for Alazraqui, Morrison and Valderrama other characters from Handy Manny are played by non-Latino/as, mainly White Americans. For instance, the voice of Kelly is played by Nancy Truman. Tom Kenny lent his voice for Mr. Lopart. He is eminent for his role, the Sponge Bob Squarepants.

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