Monday, December 6, 2010

Visiting Handy Manny's Website

Game: Manny's Big Crane Game
The game allows a child to develop structural capability or organizational skills by moving blocks to create a whole picture. It does not involve any Spanish speaking. Only Manny narrates the instruction with his accents.

Stories: A Day at the Park
The narration was accompanied by the subtitles in English; there are no Spanish included in the narration. The stories invovled small activities: countings and matching. This specific story highlighted the lesson of how to behave in a situation where you're lost. Stretcher and Dusty, the narrators repeats sentences reinforcing how to act when you're lost. Despite my expectations to see stories involving Spanish, the story was solely narrated in English.

Music: Clang
The music tab on the webiste considerably focuses on stimulating children's musicality. Clicking on each tools make different sounds. The child may play rhythms along the songs or simply just click tools to generate sounds. The background song reminded of Spanish/ Latin songs yet I could not clearly classify the songs into certain genres. 

Activities: Manny's Mini Garden
Activities mainly involves color paintings. This particular activity is to create/ draw a garden for Manny.

Overall, the website seemed to be designed for any preschool children. It did not invovle extensive language skills to participate. The contents of the websites essentially focused on developing children's basic knowledge such as coutings, colorings, principles and musicality. The webiste may appeal to any children in the developing stage.

Handy Manny Official Website

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