Monday, December 6, 2010

Flicker Saves Christmas

     Focusing on characters' accents, this episode particularly emphasizes Spanish vocabulaies. At the very beginning of the episode, Pat, the hammer, does not understand what Manny had said. Manny said: "Let's decorate arbole de Navidad." The phrase translates into a Christmas Tree. Manny kindly translate his Spanish into English to help Pat comprehend.  Later, Pat does not recognize Feliz Navidad which means Merry Christmas in English. Once again, this evidently demonstrated that Pat is a non-Spanish speaking character. This allowed the English speaking audiecne to place Pat with themselves. He is depicted as a non-Spanish speaker learning Spanish from Manny and the other tools. He becomes one of many Americans who are learning Spanish due to its increasing demands in public.
     Unlike Pat, Flicker is identified as a fluent Spanish speaker. He recognizes Tamales, a Latin American dish that Abuelito brought. In general, when Flicker responds to either Manny or the other tools, he replies to them in Spanish such as Si.
     Another outstanding element in this episode is during the portrayals of Christmases in different families. There are a multi-racial couple of African American and Asian American, a couple of Anglo Americans, a family of African Americans and a boy celebrating Christmas in his wheelchair. This exemplified Disney's representations of diversity in their programmings. Handy Manny is part of Disney's strategy to incorporate diverse audiences into their programs. It seems like the purpose of Handy Manny is to correspond to the growing populations of Latinos in the U.S. Even though Manny and the tools extensively concentrate on delivering the Latin cultures, it does not fail to illustrate the mainstream White American cultures via Kelly and other non-Spanish speaking characters. It does not offend English dominat speaking audience since the show is mainly in English; however, it also embraces Spanish dominant audiences by introducing Spanish language via the protagonists, Manny and the tools.

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